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Endurance Principles

by Steve Macklin
  1. The Pillars: Specificity, Progression, Overload, Recovery, Individualisation, Variety, Consistency, Reversibility
  2. Everyone endurance athlete is different, find out what works for you
  3. Consistency is king
  4. Make sure the foundation can handle the load
  5. Build a strong structural foundation and a big aerobic base
  6. Always move from general to specific
  7. Aim to extend rather than Intensify
  8. Use a variety of paces and surfaces and terrains
  9. Learn to feel the various paces you train & race at
  10. Process first, outcome later
  11. Nail the basics over and over again
  12. Not everything we can measure is important and not everything important can be measured
  13. It takes time, be patient
  14. Enjoy what you do

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